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How to Convert a Baseline System into a Dripper System

Creation Wholesale Hydroponics, How to Guide on “How to Convert a Baseline System into a Dripper System” using parts from our leading industry brands, such as Medusa tanks and systems, Flexi Tank, flexible water tanks and RootMass fabric pots. as well as a selection of accessories from our systems and tanks range.

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Creation_How to Build a Baseline System

How to Convert a Baseline System into a Dripper System – How to Guide

1) Choose your trays
Choose the number of trays you will need (1 per plant), and the size of the trays you need.

2) Choose your brain type
The ‘Brain’ is the component that removes the run off using a pump that is activated when the water level reaches a set point. Standard – 1200lph Pump | Fastline – 3000lph Pump

3) Choose the number of lanes
(There is a maximum of 6 per brain) You will need 1 x 1” – 3/4” MBSP Straight Fitting per lane. If you are using less than six lanes you will also need End Stops to block off the ones that you are not using.

4) Choose your fittings
You will require 1 x 1” – 3/4” MBSP Tee Piece per tray / plant site, apart from the last one on each lane which will require 1 x 1” – 3/4” MBSP Elbow. Example – for a 6 plant site lane you will require 5 x Tee Piece and 1 x Elbow.

5) Choose your pipe
You will require 25mm pipe to attach to your fittings, which will collect the run off from your trays. 16mm pipe and 4mm pipe are available for when converting to a dripper system (see next page).

6) Choose your header tank
Choose your headertank, we reccomend a FlexiTank flexible water tank, which come in a range of sizes.

7) Choose your dripper system
Choose the right dripper for your medium. For slower draining media, such as Ecothrive Coco, use a slow flow dripper, such as the 2lph drip stake. For fast draining media, such as Ecothrive Pebble Mix, use a fast flow dripper.

8) Add your drip line
You will require 16mm – 25mm pipe to to run your nutrient solution through, then 4mm pipe to feed your drippers. As a guide allow approximately 75cm of 4mm pipe per plant.

9) Add your dripper fittings
You will require 1 x 16m  per plant site. This will sit in the 16mm pipe. The drip line will then attach the the 6mm outlet. For each lane you will require a 16mm End Stop.

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